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Many parents fail to realize that they are still co-parents even after a divorce. This means no matter what their feelings are toward each other, their goals should always be geared toward the best interests of their children. I am an attorney practicing family law, and I see parents every day who have forgotten that children should always come first. I hope that this blog will remind people that kids can be terribly hurt when their parents get divorced and that it is up to the adults in their lives to provide a secure foundation where they can feel safe and know that they are cared for. Children are often innocent victims of divorce. Learn how to protect your kids.

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Discriminated Against In Your Workplace? 2 Ways A Discrimination Lawyer Can Help You

If you have been discriminated against in your workplace, then you should contact a discrimination lawyer to protect your rights. This will allow you to keep your current job if you choose to, and the attorney will walk you through the process each step of the way. Below is more information about how a lawyer can help you so you can get your case started.

Determine If You Have a Case

The first thing a discrimination lawyer will do for you is to determine if you have a discrimination case. This will ensure that you do not waste a lot of your time and money suing someone that you had no right to.

There are many different types of discrimination, including being fired unfairly, being mistreated due to a physical disability, and more. The lawyer will make sure that you can prove the discrimination. For example, if you were fired for no reason, you would have to prove that you did not do anything wrong on your job. You could do this by showing the lawyer your past few job performance reviews. If the reviews were all good, then this is a good sign that you were discriminated against. With this kind of proof, your employer would have a very hard time denying you.

Explain the Options You Have

Once your lawyer determines that you have a case, they will go over different options you have. This could be filing a discrimination suit immediately, or you may want to write a letter and have the lawyer send it to your employer. In the letter, your attorney will ask your employer if they will offer any settlement money to you. Before they send the letter, they will help you determine the amount of settlement you need to see if the employer will offer you enough money.

Your employer may agree to a settlement offer that you will accept. However, if your employer thinks you do not have a case against them, they will likely not offer any kind of settlement. Your attorney will then suggest that you sue your employer and take them to court.

Another option you have to consider is that you may be able to get your job back if you win your discrimination case.

Talk with a discrimination lawyer at a law firm like the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, P.C. in your area to learn much more about how they can help you. They will also answer any questions you may have so you can decide if you should do this.