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Many parents fail to realize that they are still co-parents even after a divorce. This means no matter what their feelings are toward each other, their goals should always be geared toward the best interests of their children. I am an attorney practicing family law, and I see parents every day who have forgotten that children should always come first. I hope that this blog will remind people that kids can be terribly hurt when their parents get divorced and that it is up to the adults in their lives to provide a secure foundation where they can feel safe and know that they are cared for. Children are often innocent victims of divorce. Learn how to protect your kids.

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Dos And Don'ts Of Dealing With An Ignition Interlock Device After A DUI Arrest

If you've been arrested for driving drunk and your DUI attorney advised you to enter a guilty plea because of the evidence against you, one of the punishments that you might face is having to get an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This is a fairly light sentence, in some respects — you can still drive your vehicle, for example, rather than have your license suspended. To avoid future legal complications, here are some dos and don'ts for dealing with your ignition interlock device.

Do: Use It Frequently

Your ignition interlock device records a comprehensive amount of data each time that you use it, and this information will be available to the court. For example, if you blow into the device after you've been drinking, not only will the vehicle not start, but the court will have a record of your poor decision. Conversely, if you make a point of using your vehicle while sober on a regular basis, there will be a long track record of you making smart decisions about not drinking before driving.

Don't: Attempt To Tamper With It

Someone with a curious mind might attempt to dupe his or her ignition interlock device, but this is a bad idea to consider. Many of these devices record attempts of tampering, which will show the court that you might have been trying to circumvent the device — presumably, with the intention of driving after you've been drinking. This could lead to further legal consequences.

Do: Understand Exactly How To Use It

You shouldn't have any confusion about how to use your ignition interlock device once you get it. The installer can give you a thorough overview and, if you have any questions, it's better to find the answers rather than use the device incorrectly. Different interlock devices have different functionality. Some devices actually have cameras to document who is blowing into the device. If your vehicle is equipped with this type of device, make sure that your face isn't obstructed, for example.

Don't: Drive When You're Not Supposed To

It's important to be cognizant of all of the terms of your punishment. For example, in addition to having to install the ignition interlock device, the judge may have imposed driving restrictions on you — perhaps you aren't permitted to drive at night. You should note that your interlock device's ability to track lots of data can reveal whether you've broken this instruction and driven when you weren't supposed to.