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Many parents fail to realize that they are still co-parents even after a divorce. This means no matter what their feelings are toward each other, their goals should always be geared toward the best interests of their children. I am an attorney practicing family law, and I see parents every day who have forgotten that children should always come first. I hope that this blog will remind people that kids can be terribly hurt when their parents get divorced and that it is up to the adults in their lives to provide a secure foundation where they can feel safe and know that they are cared for. Children are often innocent victims of divorce. Learn how to protect your kids.

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Gender Discrimination And Renting An Apartment: How This Odd Circumstance Could Lead To A Lawsuit

Gender discrimination takes on many forms. One of the oldest forms of this type of discrimination is tied to renting apartments and living spaces. Although it is more unusual now, it used to be more common when single ladies were trying to live on their own, and landlords were not having it. If you think that you have been turned down for renting a room or an apartment based on the gender with which you identify, here is how this odd circumstance could lead to a lawsuit. 

When the Proprietor Lives on the Premises

Some proprietors live in one half of a house or duplex while renting out the other half. This is the most common scenario found in gender discrimination and living quarters cases. You may either have female proprietors renting only to females or renting only to young, attractive males. You may have male proprietors that rent only to young, attractive females. With gays and lesbians now owning property and renting out space, you may have another form of gender bias when the gay/lesbian proprietor only rents to same-sex individuals.

Investigating Your Claims

If you think that you have been discriminated against because of your sex, you can retain a lawyer who offers gender discrimination law services. The lawyer can delve into your case further to see if there is any truth to what you are saying. Generally, the lawyer calls the proprietor and asks if the apartment, room, or duplex is still available. If no, then the lawyer asks if the current tenant is seeking a roommate. Sometimes the proprietor will let slip the sex of the person to whom he/she rented the property. This might give rise to further investigation. If the space is not rented, the lawyer can ask to see the space, and if denied, there might be something there too. 

Talking to Current and Past Tenants

Proving gender discrimination (or any form of discrimination) is tricky. You have look at the past actions of the person in question. Your lawyer would have to talk to current residents and renters of the proprietor's property, and any past residents that he/she finds. If there is a pattern of behavior that is not legally justified, you might have a case for discrimination. The pattern of past and current behavior would and should support your claim that there is a case for gender discrimination based on your own gender and the gender of those to which the proprietor was willing to lease or rent.