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Injury Victims In Drunk Driving Accidents Could Seek Compensation From These Rarely Talked About Sources

Individuals lose their lives on a daily basis in car accidents. Some victims survive the crashes, but they may sustain injuries that interfere with the quality of their lives indefinitely. Physical injuries are ones that come to mind for many people who have never been in an accident. However, there can also be lifetime mental issues that can stem from brain injuries or trauma.

An astounding number of car accidents involve drunk drivers. These drivers usually have to go through criminal court to face DUI charges. Victims of their negligent actions can also seek compensation. Perhaps you are under the impression that an at-fault drunk driver and their insurance company are the only ones from who you can seek compensation. You may also assume that if the driver does not have insurance, there is not much you can do. The following points identify a few other parties you might be able to hold liable if you are in an accident with a drunk driver.

Alcohol Provider

There are statutes that outline whether the alcohol provider can be held accountable for serving or selling alcohol to drunk drivers. Some states base this on the age of the drunk driver. Others have clauses that aim in determining if the server or seller acted negligently by serving or selling alcohol to an intoxicated individual regardless of age. A personal injury lawyer can determine if the state your accident occurs in has these types of accountability laws.


Auto manufacturers and the manufacturers of auto parts may be viewed as partially responsible for damages and injuries from a car accident. Parts such as seatbelts and airbags are designed to save lives and minimize injuries. However, these parts can fail if they are defective. Exploding airbags can cause injuries when they are defective. Seat belts may also not perform during a collision, which could cause victims to get injured while secured or be ejected from a vehicle's cabin. Investigations can be initiated to determine if faulty parts made the drunk driving accident worse. 


If the drunk driver is driving a company vehicle, it is a no-brainer to seek compensation from the employer's auto insurance company. Even if the driver is in an unmarked vehicle, the insurance policyholder's name will likely be listed as the business name. This is information the responding officers will likely gather at the time of the accident and may appear on police reports when they are made available.

A personal injury attorney is the best resource to use if you are ever a victim in a drunk driving collision. They can help you calculate current expenses and potential future expenses. You can also rely on them to negotiate settlements and determine if parties other than the driver should be held liable for the accident.

Reach out to a local personal injury lawyer if you've been a victim in a drunk driving accident.