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Many parents fail to realize that they are still co-parents even after a divorce. This means no matter what their feelings are toward each other, their goals should always be geared toward the best interests of their children. I am an attorney practicing family law, and I see parents every day who have forgotten that children should always come first. I hope that this blog will remind people that kids can be terribly hurt when their parents get divorced and that it is up to the adults in their lives to provide a secure foundation where they can feel safe and know that they are cared for. Children are often innocent victims of divorce. Learn how to protect your kids.

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Who Can You Sue If Something Falls Off A Semi And Causes You To Get Into A Collision? Find Out

There are numerous hazards associated with sharing the road with big rigs. One of these is being involved in a collision due to items falling off the truck. Such an accident can cause property damage and personal injury that may be expensive to address. You need not carry the financial burden of damages caused by objects that slip off a truck. Instead, hire an auto accident attorney to help you identify the at-fault parties and take legal action against them. This way, you can get compensation to foot your accident-related expenses, as you will learn in this article.

The Possible Wrongdoers in Your Case

Companies that transport goods using big rigs must secure items effectively so that they withstand the journey. Truckers should also inspect the goods to ensure they are properly loaded and fastened before they start driving. Parties that fail to take these measures must face justice if items fall off the semi and cause a collision. Thus, you can sue them for ignoring safety rules and exposing you to hazards. You may also take legal action against the organization responsible for road repairs. This is viable if the road condition caused the cargo to be jostled and fall off the truck. The entity responsible for clearing the road may also be liable if they failed to remove the items immediately after they fell off the semi.

You can hold different parties accountable for a collision of this nature. Accordingly, you may want to enlist the services of an attorney to determine the offenders and name them as defendants in your claim. This will ensure they face the law for their negligence and pay you a settlement equivalent to their fault percentage.

Taking Legal Action Against the Offenders

Even a single item falling off a truck can cause catastrophic consequences. This is because motorists in other automobiles may be involved in a multi-vehicular crash as they try to avoid the item. In such a case, it might be challenging to determine the main culprit. Getting your rightful compensation may also be difficult if multiple victims file compensation claims. The insurance company may unlawfully reduce payments to avoid financial losses. They can also bring up arguments to nullify your claim altogether. In these situations, you need a lawyer to fight your case. They will provide evidence that the wrongdoers breached the duty of care they owed you, proving that they should compensate you for your losses.

Multiple investigations may be necessary to determine the offenders in a collision caused by an item that fell off a truck. That is why it is always advisable to hire an auto accident lawyer to identify and take legal action against them. For more information, contact an auto accident attorney near you.